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Books?! Those still exist!?
Figure I might as well make the plug here too!
Yeah, the Monastery Arc is now available in book form, and it's available before it's all updated on our website too. It's a bit over 200 pages, colours all over the place, and features words written by my buddy Aod here.
Figured some of you might have been interested I don't know!
Get it here!
If you want it for the holidays you might want to act fast, indyplanet can be a little slow.
While we are here, have some older books!
The School Arc
the first one, it's smaller than the others, and a lot of it is in black and white
The Accelerate Arc
for fans of lots and lots and lots of tiny words (moins d'infos)
:iconraocow:raocow 1 3
Kyth and Lyrah 25
Kyth and Lyrah
Chapter 25
Kyth and Matt flew back up to the top of the hole and alighted, dimming their auras. The space around the drilling shaft was littered with safety rails and warning signs, as well as various black-and-yellow labels. Tread plate covered the icy, rocky floor.
"You've hit a pretty big deposit!" said Matt cheerfully, "It might have been a meteorite!"
"Maybe so, but it's a lot of uraninite," said Penny, "and we can't sell it under the Antarctic treaty."
Kyth nodded.
"I think the best thing to do would be to disable the core drill," he said, "so they won't be able to retrieve it."
"That's easily done," Penny crossed the room and opened a fuse box, "it all runs through here. The problem is actually the cores we've already collected."
"Where are they?" asked Kyth, squinting slightly.
"Core storage, with the others," Doctor Rosaline indicated a heavy steel door to one side of the roughly hewn room, "they're radioactive, but very weakly. Unless you swallow some you shoul
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25. Trouble Lurking
I have not finished a drawing in months, and none of the W.I.P. drawings from thisor last year have been touched since then.
Time to work on my drawing and apply it to that "to do" list.

So, myself, :icongreenshroomchibi: , :icondatsudatsu: and our friend Grey have taken on the "Hundred Themes Challenge", applying it to our Monster Hunter (4 Ultimate & Generations) avatars in a variety of fan-canon situations.

Shown here is my hunter, Maloy, on expedition through the Everwood in his (then trademark) Bnahabra Suit.
However, trouble lurks nearby in the form of a Basarios, iconic to me as it was the first dragon I fought in MH4U.

The only portion drawn by hand on this was the lineart. I finished the rest up in Photoshop and PaintToolSAI.
Much appreciation to my squad for running me through the workings of the software further.


Right. A bit about me.

I like drawing, playing musical instruments, video games, anime, and numerous other things. My drawing focuses primarily on Chibi style, as it has many applications and I find it easy and effective to use.

I plan to use my drawing and music skills in future, as they may be vital to the things I wish to do for a job.

I'm also on YouTube,… , as well as a bunch of other places, mainly forums.


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